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Notis #030: Silent Vendetta

Posted by padLoque Aqmal | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, October 02, 2011


Welcome Assassin

Nothing seems to be going right. The world just doesn't seem to understand you. Things need to change, you're urning for something different, something extraordinary. But what?

Years ago, in what seemed like another life, your grandfather told you stories of an assassin. Stories of vengence and bloodlust that have echoed in your thoughts ever since. Who was your father? Was he the main charactor in all of those fairytails?

As you go through your late fathers belongings and try to uncover his mysterious past you come across a locked briefcase with a note attached: 'Choose your path wisely my son.'

Silent Vendetta Assassin Game

Silent Vendetta is a ruthless assassins game where your only task is to fulfill your bloodlust and kill everyone in your path. Train up, collect the best gear, and fight to become the world's greatest assassin.

In our assassins game you control your destiny and you're ability to dominate the assasin's world. Other assassins will fight you for your life. Will you let them take it or will you take theirs and become the winner of the assassin game?

Assassins Alienware Give Away

Silent Vendetta is giving one lucky assassin a brand new Alienware Gaming computer. All you have to do to win is join the game and kill your way to the top. Only one assassin will get a free Alienware Gaming Laptop and all the glory of being the best assassin in Silent Vendetta. Will it be you?

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